Wordless Wednesday: Allergies

It happens to me every year when they harvest the cotton around here.

Allergies. Extreme head pain, coughing, stopped up nose…the works.

I took to my bed this Saturday to try and get better before Sunday. That left Preacher Man in charge of running the house.

While I was coming in and out of my Benadryl-induced stupor, Monkey stopped by to check on me.

He sneaks up from the foot of the bed…

I try to make him happy by taking a picture of us together…

He wanted to take pictures…

Then he wanted me to smell his poopy diaper…

At this point I politely, but firmly set him out in the hallway and locked the bedroom door.

When you are feeling poorly and need to rest, your best bet is not to be in the tree house,

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  1. Maybe he was only trying to be helpful in clearing your nose with his stinky bum. LOL

  2. hope you are feeling better now! he is a cutey though

    1. Feeling much better. Thanks for asking! And he is a cutie which is how he gets away with so much!

  3. yeah, I vote he was being helpful! :)

    locking the door is always a viable option. Hope you are feeling better.