Sunday Stroll: Mockingbird Park

I made an executive decision today. We took our first nature walk of the school year. I’m trying to be more consistent with our nature studies this year. We had an AWESOME time, but since it’s a normal school day we could not spend as much time outside as I would have liked. So we are going to move our nature studies to Sunday afternoons while Monkey is napping. Monkey is not that great at nature study yet. He almost got stung by a red wasp today and tries to kill the nature we see instead of just observe. I think Sunday afternoons would be perfect for just wandering around the neighborhood or out in the country while working our way through The Nature Connection.

I decided this year we would work straight through the book instead of jumping around like we did last year. The first activity in the book (pages 12-13) is to take a nature walk and jot down everything you see. After taking our walk today, I understand why this is first. It really helped my kids to begin to notice what is around them, from the small things to the large things. To ask questions about what they see. To put stars by things that we want to find out more information about when we get home.

Here are some pictures of what we saw.

Magpie spotted this red wasp was in the process of killing some kind of insect larvae when we walked up to the park. Monkey scared it away because he tried to TOUCH IT! After I grabbed him and moved him away, we sat down on a nearby bench hoping it would come back. Unfortunately we discovered that the red wasp nest was actually inside the metal pipes on the bench, so we quickly moved out of their territory!

We found cicada holes all over the ground and Magpie again spotted this one who had left his exoskeleton in the hole as he crawled out after years underground.

Monkey spotted some magnolia tree seed pods that had dropped to the ground. The girls thought they were so pretty. I can’t wait until they see the flowers next spring!

Magpie, my nature walker extraordinaire, spotted some lichen on the ground growing on part of an old tree stump.

Nature study #1 is in the books!

Helping my children develop a love and curiosity of God’s creation in the tree house,



  1. I really want to get into Nature Studies more thoroughly but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. Have you heard about Pocketful of Pinecones? I heard it mentioned on the WTM forum and have it on my Amazon wishlist.

    1. I finally made up my mind this school year that we would do nature studies. I would make the time to just do it. This is going to be a relatively easy-going year for us, so it's the perfect opportunity.

      I've heard of Pocketful of Pinecones, but haven't really looked into it too much. The Nature Connection is very open and go. That's what I need right now. I will keep Pocketful in the back of my mind though for the future!