Summary Saturday: Meet the Class

Another school year has started in our local schools which means promotion time at our home school, Live Oak Christian Academy. We school year round, so we use the public school as our guide for when to bump up our grade levels which are based on the cutoff dates to enter Kindergarten.

I wanted to do more than just back to school pictures, so I thought I would introduce you to the students as well.


Chipette is in third grade this year, which is hard for this mom to believe. Didn’t I just bring her home from the hospital a year ago? Chipette is my lover of life. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to be with because seeing the world through her eyes makes everything new and exciting. She is the artistic one in the family. Chipette loves music, art, crafts, sewing, but her passion is dance, ballet to be specific. And she has talent, real talent. Already she has skipped three ballet classes at her ballet studio and is starting Ballet 5/Pre-Pointe this year as an eight-year old! Her goal is to one day be the prima ballerina for the New York City Ballet.

The thing I love the most about Chipette, though, is her heart. She is a romantic and a dreamer. She feels for those who are mistreated and is upset by injustice of all kind. I can look into the future and see that she will do amazing things with her artistic, tender-hearted spirit. I look forward to calling her my friend one day in the future, not just my daughter, because she is such a joy to me. 

Apparently she thinks I have horrendous things planned for third grade because after the cute picture above she had me take these. I promise she is not being sentenced to a year of hard home school time!


Magpie is starting Kindergarten this year, and she is very excited! Magpie is my cuddler and my home body. For Magpie, nothing is more important than family. She doesn’t like it if anyone is away from home, and she doesn’t like to be away from home for very long. She is also witty and funny with a subtle sense of humor. Some of the things she says leave me laughing for a very long time!

Magpie also is very independent, determined, and quite a bit sassy at times, but we are working on developing those things into strong character trait. She is definitely NOT a follower, and doesn’t mind doing things alone even if no one else is interested. I can see Magpie being a strong leader one day because she knows what she wants and doesn’t mind speaking up to tell others what they need to do.


Monkey is two for most of this school year and is a typical two-year old boy. He loves construction machinery, tractors, and Pa Paw’s truck. Anything round, he throws. Unfortunately he has a pretty good arm and great aim. You can ask Preacher Man about his accuracy since Monkey threw a pizza crust at him not too long ago and pinged him right in the neck!

Monkey also has a sensitive side. He LOVES babies and tries, in his way, to be gentle with them. He gives hugs and kisses if he hurts someone. He’s a little shy, but will warm up to people pretty quickly. He also LOVES making people laugh, even if he has to fall down or run into something to make it happen.


Finally, our honorary Tree Dweller this year is Peanut. Yes, I know peanuts do not grow on trees, but it was the perfect nickname, so I went with it. Peanut is my “job” this year since I am watching him for his mother while she teaches at one of our local schools. However, Peanut is not really a “job”. He’s a sweet, one-year old boy, who quietly roams around our home playing with Monkey, Magpie, and Chipette. The one thing I know for sure that Peanut enjoys doing is eating! He doesn’t eat a lot, but he eats all the time. We are all looking forward to having Peanut with us on our learning adventures this year. Thankfully he is an easy-going baby. He needs to be with our crazy lifestyle!

Not a typical Summary Saturday post, but I wanted to share who these kids are that you read about so much on my blog.

Look for updated curriculum for Chipette and Magpie under my Curriculum tab! I will be reviewing what we used this past year for second and Pre-K soon, so watch for that as well.

Praying that everyone has a great school year for 2012-2013 in the tree house,



  1. Looks like a wonderful bunch of students!!

  2. They are! We're really looking forward to our year.