Summary Saturday: Griffins, Tadpoles, and Bears! Oh My!

This week I felt like our homeschool was super animal focused: mythical animals, real animals, and books about animals! But of course we had a lot of fun and learned a lot as well.


This week besides our usual core subjects of math, grammar, spelling, and writing, Chipette started working on her mythical creatures bestiary. Her first entry was about griffins. Here is the information page telling where griffins are found, their diet, and special powers associated with them.

  On the back she copied the poem The Griffin out of Eric Carle’s book Dragons, Dragons and Other Creatures That Never Were.

Entry number one is completed.

Chipette colored in her first countries on the world map that we ordered from Beautiful Feet for their Geography Through Literature course.

I hesitated on ordering these maps, but I am so glad that I did. They are a wonderful size and a great thickness. This course is going to be wonderful! Chipette loves it already.

Since our caterpillar changed into a moth a couple of weeks ago, we decided to try another animal and watch it change. A wonderful lady from our church brought over a container full of tadpoles.

Now we just have to see if we can keep them alive so they turn into frogs. I have no idea how to do this one, so if anyone has any advice let me know!


This week Magpie made a lighthouse out of lowercase “l”. We used our ocean stamps so she could stamp the fish out in the water.

Here is her finished product which she did NOT want me to take a picture of for some reason.

 I love her expression!

We are continuing to work through our Explode the Code Primer books. Magpie loves workbooks and had amazing fine motor skills from a very, very young age, but even Explode the Code gets a little writing intensive for her, so I thought we could use our letter stamps to fill out some of the workbook pages.

It works great and keeps little hands from getting too tired. Plus, getting to stamp anything makes it more fun! I found the foam alphabet stamps in the arts and crafts section of our local Wal-mart.

Magpie also finished up our first literature study using the book, Bears by Ruth Krauss. We acted out parts of the book including the jumping in squares.

Finally, Magpie had to place picture cards from the story in order the way they happened in the story.

 She loves learning this way!

Magpie studied the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem this week in Little Hands to Heaven. She made her own version of the Ark, and she and Monkey carried it back into Jerusalem (the dining room) via our backyard.

And speaking of Monkey…


He found his sock monkey hat that Aunt Fluffy bought him last Christmas and of course, he had to “monkey” around in it!

He’s such a ham!!!

Loving animals and loving our crazy life in the tree house,

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  1. Love the idea of stamping in ETC, thank you!

    1. You're welcome! I had them so I thought, why not? She loves it!

  2. Looks like a great week!

    We raised tadpoles this summer. Out of three, one died pretty quickly, one never grew and changed before it just disappeared, and one made it. We used water from a nearby lake. If you can't get natural water, use distilled or dechlorinate the water at the very least. You can cook spinach and feed them that. If you get lake water, there's a good chance it will come with tadpole food naturally. Ours loved the duck weed in our water. Make sure you have some "land" (we used aquarium rock we had) coming out of the water so the tadpoles can get out when it is time. Once they are frogs, feed them wingless gnats if they are tiny frogs or flies/crickets if larger. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the help with our tads. So far, so good. They are almost all alive at this point.

  3. My 4 year old used stamps for ETC too!

  4. We fed our tadpole algae tablets that you can buy at walmart or a pet store. I also read on the internet it is better to freeze the spinach leaves and then break them up and sprinkle on the water. When you freeze the spinach you don't loose any of the vitamins and nutrients. We used both and our tadpole turned into a little bull frog. The girls loved it!

    1. Thanks for your help with my food problem! It's working great so far.