Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable for Readers and Non-Readers

Please feel free to direct people to this blog post to download their own scavenger hunt, but do not share the files. 
Thanks for respecting my work!

If you asked my children what is your favorite holiday tradition, they would all say it is our annual Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. We pile in our minivan and drive 30 minutes to a neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas with decorating. Preacher Man drives slowly through the streets while the kids and I try to be the first to mark off the things on our list. I’ve been able for the past few years to find Christmas scavenger hunt printables on the internet, but some of them have really odd items like a dolphin (who decorates with a dolphin at Christmas?) and none of them were really great for Levi who still can’t read well enough to read his own list, so I spent most of my time yelling to the backseat what he should be looking for. Necessity is the mother of invention and this year I made our own Christmas Scavenger Hunt printables and one that is specifically for non-readers in your family so they can be part of the fun without needing assistance.

In case you are curious about how we play, when you find something on the list at a house, you have to yell and point out the house you are using and what item on your list you are using it for. That house is then off limits to other players for that item, but could be used by other players for a different item as long as they claim it. The first one to get everything on their list wins and gets to choose where we grab our supper before heading home. It’s so much fun and would be a great thing to do with youth groups, friends, and, of course, your family.

Just print out your choice of printable below (or both!), schedule a night to go out, and have a blast celebrating our family’s favorite time of year!