Thrifty Thursday: Pizza! Pizza!

There are not very many things that I’m using from my own public education in our home school, but one thing we do every year is the Pizza Hut Book It program.

I remember diligently reading my books, putting my gold stars on my big button, and then turning it in to get a free personal pan pizza. I started this program with Chipette last year and it was a big success. We chose a reading goal for her, then mark it off on the calendar to keep track. This year Magpie gets to join us since she is in Kindergarten.

Normally I would post a picture of the materials that they send you, but I just signed up yesterday because I had totally forgotten. I’m posting this anyway, however, because registration ended on September 1st, but they are continuing to accept homeschoolers as long as they have supplies. Hurry, get those requests in and start reading (and eating)!!!

Reading during the summer, reading during the school year, reading year round in the tree house,



  1. I also had fond memories of Book It when I was a kid. I eagerly signed up my oldest a year ago and was bummed to find out that very few Pizza Huts in our area allow you to redeem the coupons. Then when we finally found one we had such crappy service and crappier food that we never went back. I hope you have a better experience in your neck of the woods with it.

  2. That stinks! I didn't even know they could deny taking them since it's a program run through the corporate office. We had no problems last year with our local Pizza Hut. Do you think I could ship a personal pan pizza to your girls fast enough that they wouldn't get cold?!?

    You might just do your own family version of Book It with different prizes tailored for each kid.