Sunday Stroll: Episcopal Church Meditation Garden

Today’s Sunday stroll took us to our local Episcopal Church where they have a beautiful meditation garden. We were working on pages 20 and 21 in The Nature Connection. Our goal was to find nature in action on this nature walk.

We definitely saw some interesting things:

Magpie found this little tiny acorn and while it doesn’t fit our parameters of nature “happening” she felt that this little guy was still doing some growing. “He’s a baby, Mom. He’s growing bigger every day.” Well, there you go!

Ants busy carrying food in and out of their home under this stepping stone.

Oleander berries

Web going up the branch of this live oak tree. We’re not sure if the web is made by an insect or a spider. Preacher Man voted insect.

Wasp building its nest or feeding young on the inside.

Storm clouds rolling in for a very long stay. It started raining right after we got back home and is still raining now at 11:00.

I tried to get a sequence of this guy changing colors. He jumped off the oleander bush bright green…

Slowly started changing to brown as he sat on the wall of the church…

Solid brown by the time he scampered off on the chain-link fence.

Wishing I could change clothes at will…it would make getting dressed much easier in the tree house,


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