Magpie's Book-a-palooza Kindergarten Curriculum List

This is a list of what Magpie is using for Kindergarten this year. Our main focus will be on learning to read, but just for fun I’m adding in lots of books and literature activities.

Pre-Kindergarten: We need to finish our Explode the Code Primer books before starting Kindergarten, so we will be using the activities in Creating Curriculum UsingChildren’s Picture Books to finish out Explode the Code before beginning the official Kindergarten work listed below.

Main Program: Peak with Books (includes literature activities through math, science, phonics, art, motor skills)

Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages with Chipette


Math Programs:

Math Supplements:

Handwriting: Italics Book A and copy work


The Arts: Global Art and Music with Chipette


How I’m Scheduling It All

Every Day: Bible, Math, Phonics, Peak with Books, Handwriting, Geography

Days One and Three: Science, Spanish

Day Two: Logic and Math Mavens (pre-Miquon and Education Unboxed)

Day Four: Character Development and Nature Study

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