Wordless Wednesday: Captain Bubblebeard

A little bit of backstory for this Wordless Wednesday post. Monkey is terrified of water and for a long time he was even afraid of sitting down in the bathtub. Then one night when I was bathing him, I patted some bubbles on his face and started calling him "Captain Bubblebeard". Before too long I began to tell him stories of Captain Bubblebeard's adventures in the Ceramic Sea to keep him distracted with lots of silly pirate voices. Then his sisters wanted to come in at bathtime to hear Captain Bubblebeard stories too. Needless to say, it's become a new bathtime ritual.

A couple of days ago I walk into the kitchen to see this:

Arrgh! Me thinks Captain Bubblebeard be trying to capture the Stainless Silver Treasure in the treehouse. Arrgh!,


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