Mama Monday: Proverbs 31 Woman Verses 4 and 5

If you missed the first three verses, you can find them here.

It is not for kinds, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, or for rulers to take strong drink

The importance of being a person of sobriety comes down to decision making. As a mother, I must teach my children how to make good decisions from a young age because children quickly learn about choice. A key factor in making decisions is sobriety of mind. A king is warned in this passage to avoid strong drink, but why just kings and rulers? They made life-changing decisions; they did not need to behave as common people when in such an exalted position. Mothers should teach their children that they too will constantly make life-changing decisions and are a people set apart from the rest of the world because they are Christians. Sober-minded decision making is vitally important.
Decision making is important for Christians because our decisions can have serious ramifications. Our decisions in life can shape our spouse's and children's lives. Most importantly, though, it is the primary focus of any mother to make sure that her children make the most important decision of all, to become a Christian. That decision will affect not only the rest of their temporal life, but where they spend eternity. The best way for a mother to help her children make that decision is to live that decision herself. Being a Christian impacts all of our other relationships and is the basis of bringing others to Christ. What other decision could be that important?
lest they drink and forget what has been decreed and pervert the rights of all the afflicted.

We should be doubly cautious not to forget what has been decreed by God. His words are what will judge us. His words are what we must know to be pleasing to Him. When alcohol enters the picture, too often we forget God's words and commands and our decisions as Christians are not God-honoring. Once we forget the word and go our own way, Satan has gotten a foot in the door. As mothers it is our job to make sure our children know the word and know it so well that it is imprinted on their hearts. It is also equally important to raise children with compassionate hearts like the good Samaritan in the New Testament. Children who see others in distress and have compassion for them that spurs them to action. Children who are defenders of the rights of those who are seen as less than in our society but of utmost importance to God. I can think of no greater joy as a mother than to have children who know the Bible and use it to help those in distress.

Teaching the word and a heart for others in the treehouse,


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