Freaky Friday: Future Kittens

I'm going to talk about baby animals. My favorite animal is a cat because they are cute, some are playful and some just lay around all day. When we move to the country, I'm going to get two cats. One is going to be gray, and I'm going to name him Smokey. One is going to be carmel colored, and I'm going to name her Pussy.
When I get them, they will be kittens, so I can teach them to let me hold them like a baby. Another reason I'm going to have them as kittens is so they will be playful. I read a book that said kittens are the playful ones, not cats. And they will live longer with me.My mom won't let them live in the house, even though I told her that I would clean out their litter box and lock my bedroom door so Monkey will not get scratched. They won't scratch him because they will be nice kittens.

Pining for some little furballs to love in the treehouse,


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