Summary Saturday: Inspiration Meets Perspiration

We seemed so busy this past week that I'm kind of ashamed to not have more pictures to post.

Here is Magpie working on an old file folder game that I never got around to using when Chipette was in Pre-K. Magpie is loving all of them though!

Our current bedtime read aloud, The Secret Garden, has inspired Chipette and me to take on a "secret garden" project in our fenced in side yard. It has high privacy fences on two sides with a large gate in one of them, a regular sized fence on one side with a gate that leads to the backyard, and the last side is the end of the house by Chipette and Magpie's bedroom. It's not a big space, but Chipette is super excited to have a plot of ground to turn into her very own Secret Garden. Here are the supplies we've bought so far:

We get started planting tomorrow, so definitely some inspiration turning into perspiration around our place!

And finally, our ballet unit study is still going strong. Here is a picture of our ballet timeline that we put together on the white board and Chipette copied into her notebook.

I guess the biggest inspiration I've had recently was to do this unit study and now all of the perspiration has paid off because I've got it all typed up and ready to share with you! It is a 6 week long study for Pre-K (with modifications) through 2nd/3rd grade. Enjoy! We sure have been.


Keeping deoderant on hand and those creative juices flowing in the treehouse,


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