Summary Saturday: Strawberry Fields Forever

Lots of pictures for this post, so words will be minimal!

First up is Magpie showing her Fingerpainting of the letter F.

Next, she is working on her letter worksheet. She has to find all of the capital and lowercase letters of our letter for that week on a special worksheet included in the Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven manual. She loves her worksheet because she gets to use Mom's highlighter to find the letters and normally the highlighters are off limits!

Our science experiment this week was to do some tongue mapping. That's right there is a map to your tongue. Different areas of your tongue are designed to detect different tastes, sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. The experiment was to close your eyes while I dip a cotton swab into one of four substances: maple syrup (sweet), salt water (salty), coffee (bitter), and vinegar (sour). Well apparently Chipette and I do not have the trustworthy type of relationship that I hoped we had. That child would not let me put things on her tongue!!! I kept telling her to stick out her tongue farther so I could reach the spots on her tongue I needed. Vinegar was the second thing we tested and after that she was done! (Chipette: How could you put something that gross on your daughter's tongue?!?!) Magpie on the other hand went through the experiment like a champ! Here are all of our supplies and our tongue maps:

Here is Chipette putting some maple syrup on the tip of her tongue. That is where your sweet taste buds are located.

Of course Monkey loved this science experiment! It involved eating; his favorite past time. There wasn't a thing he tasted that he didn't like, even the vinegar! His favorite was the coffee though. Here is what the coffee cup looked like when we were done:

As you can see, one cotton swab was just not enough for my coffee loving 2 year old!

Our homeschool group took another field trip this past week to a strawberry farm. Their final 6 week class will be about gardening. We picked 6 pounds of fresh strawberries for $2 a pound. I'm planning on making some strawberry jelly, strawberry pie, and strawberry shortcake with them.

Monkey found a strawberry!

Chipette and Magpie busy picking:

Monkey coming back from the wagon with his sippy cup and lovey blanket. Both of which are required for berry picking!

Just a sample of the berries we picked:

I hope everyone had a good week too!

Knowing exactly where to place that strawberry on my tongue to get the maximum amount of sweetness in the treehouse,



  1. Look at all those wonderful berries! Strawberry picking happens in June here! I can't wait to get A BUNCH! They're SO much better than the ones at the grocery store! Yum!

    1. I've made strawberry shortcakes with them and just made jam with them today. Planning on making a strawberry pie to finish them off. You are right! They are very tasty!