Mama Monday: Proverbs 31 Woman Verses 6 and 7

Verses 1-3 are here.

Verses 4-5 are here.

Give strong drink to the one who is perishing and wine to those in bitter distress.

As a Christian woman and wife, my role is to nurture and support others, especially my husband. When he is worried or upset or just going through a really difficult time, my words and actions should be a balm, an escape from all things that are on his mind. I need to be his escape from the pressures of this world. I should show him and give him God's peace. The last thing any wife should want is for her husband to have a bad day or a problem and the last place he wants to go is home. Men who find themselves in this kind of situation, eventually will go anywhere but home. What greater joy can a wife have, than for her husband to see her as his lifeline and support.

Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.

Through nurturing and care, a Christian wife should be able to provide a safe, stable, worry-free environment for her husband. Through this environment, people, especially a husband, should be able to forget about their problems and pain and simply enjoy the peace of God that can be manifested through a Chistian woman. How is this done? First, the wife must be humble in spirit and submit to God. She shouldn't try to tell her husband what to do or be a solution provider, but a listener and comforter. If her husband asks for her opinion or assistance, she should give it, but ultimately she should just love and support him. Second, the wife must pray diligently. If her husband is going through a rough spot, she needs to petition God to provide an answer to her husband. Sometimes husbands become so burdened they cannot pray. That is when the wife must take problems before the Lord. This is her source of power.

Believing in the power of a praying wife in the treehouse,



  1. Your post has helped me tremendously!! I often find myself being a "solution finder" to "help" my husband. I never understood how my husband took that as being disrespectful. Thank you for pointing out what I should really be doing. Your words are a blessing!! ~Julie

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I figured out the "solution finder" thing by accident, so I'm glad I could pass it on to you. We wives have to stick together!