Thursday's Thoughts: No More Tiny Dancer

I’ve been trying to add more fish in our diet so once a week for the past month we’ve been having fish dishes. Only one so far has one been a flop {the recipe that was supposed to taste just like Joe’s Crab Shack’s crab cakes…they did not}, but the Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar Salmon was spectacular!

I’m still not reading anything that I should be reading {aka something non-fiction and helpful}, but I’m loving Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily Mystery series. Imagine Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen had a baby…that’s what these books would be. The first one in the series is And Only to Deceive.

To the kitchen sink running while Monkey brushes his teeth because he clogged up the guest bathroom sink AGAIN with toilet paper and deodorant. The joy of living with a three year old boy. He is obsessed with how things work {and how he can make them stop working!} in a way that his sisters never were!

About how badly I need to use the restroom. Hey, I’m just trying to be honest! It’s funny how when your bladder is full your brain shuts down and you are focused on one thing and one thing only…finding a bathroom.

A back to school photo session with a local photographer. A great price and the lack of a great ANY camera lured me in. We’re supposed to meet up Sunday afternoon. I’m really excited!

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest using the button in the sidebar. I wanted to share some of my favorite finds this past week:

Homeschool: Dr. Jay Wile, author of Apologia’s high school courses, has released the first book in a K-6 science program that aligns the study of science and scientists with history. I’m super excited about it and pinned it this week for future consideration. You can find my pin to the first book in the series here.

Home: Do you have a collection of florist vases in your house? Yeah, me too. That’s why I pinned this tutorial of how to turn those boring glass vases into milk glass. I’m definitely doing this one soon! {Check out my Pinterest project that I completed last week here.}

Cooking: I’m not sure when, but very soon this is going to be on the table in our house. I’m thinking for lunch Saturday, quick, easy, and delicious. 

The fact that Preacher Man is notorious for picking out horrible movies to rent and TV shows to watch. He is always amazed by how bad it is, and I just give him a look that says, “You’re shocked by this. You do it EVERY time I send you to the Redbox unless I have specifically told you a title to rent.” As I type this he is finishing said awful movie alone in the living room. I could not suffer through it any more even if it did cost $1.30 to rent. Don’t believe he’s that bad? Ask me about the time he rented a movie about a hairy woman who lived in trees in modern day Florida. J

Chipette’s first year of ballet. Ballet lessons started back up this week after the summer break and I couldn’t help but think of how far my beautiful ballerina has come in five short years.

Chipette, age 5, in her first ballet performance
Chipette, age 9, after watching The Nutcracker

Looking forward to a new week of productivity, loving, learning, laughing and cooking in the tree house,


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  1. Loved reading this ♥ Nice to know that I'm not the only one not reading!! LOL Ive been slacking lately!