Mama Monday: The Measure of a Man

A beginning is always a good time to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. And the beginning of a new school year is a perfect time to focus on our children. As mothers it is helpful to evaluate our children’s strengths and weaknesses. Where are they now? Where do we want them to be?

For homeschoolers, this question is often answered academically.

Chipette knows her addition and subtraction facts. I want her to know multiplication by the end of the year.

Magpie is halfway through her phonics program.  I want her to be finished by the end of the year.

I think it’s pretty common for all moms whether our children attend public school, private school, or are homeschooled to spend the school year focused on academic achievements and overcoming academic hurdles.

Recently I was reminded that there is much more to our children’s education than math, language arts, and science. In fact, I would say the most important parts of a child’s education are not the academics, but the growth of their character.

Use the start of the school year to write out the growth of character you wish to see in your children.

Here are some suggestions to help you:

1. Be specific. Instead of generic statements such as, “I want Monkey to clean his room,” say, “I want Monkey to learn how to put his toys in their proper bins and place his clothes in the cupboard.”

2. Schedule a time to review. Public schools send home progress reports and report cards about ever five weeks. You, also, need to review your goals for your kids. Make note of how things are progressing, or not progressing as the case may be, and adjust. Schedule reminders in your phone or on your computer right now for a once a month character check up.

3. Don’t share with your kids. Okay, maybe this only applies to my family, but I wouldn’t recommend sharing your child improvement plan with the child. This list is for YOU to focus YOUR attention on specific behaviors/character traits you want to develop in your children.

This year as you prepare for the first day of academic success, prepare for a year of character success as well. The measure of character your children possess will define who they are and their quality of life FAR more than the grades on their report card.

Making sure the kids measure up this year in the tree house,



  1. These are really good points. I would have never thought of the "don't share" thing but it applies in our home too! I'll be adding this to my planning this year. Thanks for posting!