Wordless Wednesday: The Substitute

I missed Halloween this year. I woke up in the early morning hours on Wednesday with severe vomiting and nausea. I pulled myself out of bed and made it to the doctor’s office at 7 when they opened. He gave me a shot and I slept for 26 hours straight. No joke! Preacher Man kept coming to check on me to make sure I was still breathing. I woke up late this morning groggy, weak, and hungry. I felt so bad that I’d missed Halloween with the kids, but never fear my substitute blogger was here!

Preacher Man stepped in for me and made sure to get pictures of the kids in their costumes. I can almost hear him saying, “Let’s get pictures. Your mom needs these for the blog.”

Chipette as Frankie Stein from Monster High

Magpie as a Purple Crayon

Monkey as a Razorback

All three of my little goblins…

Slowly feeling better in the tree house,



  1. So glad your hubby got some pictures for you! Adorable!
    Get Well Soon!!

    1. Thanks! He did a great job, but retired the minute I was on my feet again. Apparently running a home and taking care of the kids is hard work! Who knew? ;)