Mama Monday: Holiday Update

In case you haven’t noticed, the blog has been dead for about ten days. So if you were curious why, here is the scoop:

1. Sick Monkey

Poor Monkey woke up sick on Friday morning running fever. When I was finally able to get him to the doctor on Saturday morning, he had double ear infections and either bronchitis or pneumonia. The doctor didn't bother to find out which because he was writing us a prescription for antibiotics anyway.

Waiting at the doctor's office

We laid low for a couple of days to give the antibiotics a chance to start working so Monkey wouldn't be contagious. Then we left the house to celebrate…

2. Chipette’s 9th Birthday

Chipette turned nine on Sunday, but we celebrated her birthday early because we would be out of town on her birthday, plus my parents were in town. First we took her to the American Girl Store where she got Sarah’s ears pierced.

Her first time at the store.

She opened her birthday presents.

A new Nintendo DS since her last one quit working.

When's the last time you got this excited over a gift?

And had strawberry cheesecake as her birthday cake.

She got all nine candles at once!

Next up we headed to…

3. Oklahoma City where Preacher Man’s sister got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

On the way, we stayed at my good friend E’s house. We work together on Come Fill Your Cup and when we met two years ago, it was instant friendship.

She just had a baby in September. Doesn't she look amazing!

My family loved meeting her family.

E also helped us out by vouching for us to some friends of hers the S Family who welcomed us into their home for a couple of nights. We instantly felt like we’d known them forever which was probably because we know a lot of the same people.

Once we made it to OKC we got to see Preacher Man’s family. We are spread out all over the country, so it’s not often that we are all able to get together, but when the youngest is married off, we all show up!

Monkey and Grandpa bonding at the reception.
Auntie M and Magpie
Chipette caught the bouquet.
After she caught the bouquet, Chipette, Magpie and cousin A each took turns being the bride.
Surprise! Friends from preaching school that we haven't seen in years were at the wedding with their new addition!

Speaking of new additions, this is my beautiful niece who I had never got to see in person until the wedding. The girls nicknamed her "Moonstar."

Our last night in Oklahoma City and the big girls (Chipette, Magpie, and cousin A) had a sleepover.

So that’s what why I haven’t posted for 10 days...we've been busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest!

Blessings come through antibiotics, birthdays, old friends, new friends, and family in the tree house,



  1. Haha! Sounds fun! Happy you all had a blast at the wedding, and seeing some old friends! Meeting new ones is always fun too! Hope little dude is feeling better, and those antibiotics kick in! Miss you guys so much!

  2. Miss you too, Ally! It was a really fun trip for sure.