Thrifty Thursday: Calender Appreciation

I just had to share this AMAZING deal with you guys!

Vistaprint is offering a free personalized wall calendar this fall. It’s normally $15, but right now it’s free. All you have to pay is shipping which is a little over $4. With Christmas coming up, this makes a cheap, thoughtful gift. You upload 13 photos; one is used for the cover and the rest for the months. You can add captions to your photos and choose a background for your calendar.

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I purchased two of these, one for each set of grandparents for Christmas. Both calendars only cost me $15 together because one was free and I paid for the other! I can’t wait to get them in the mail.
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So head over to Vistaprint and get in on this freebie!

Now I want to update my Thirty Days to Give Thanks Challenge that I’m participating in along with Renee at Great Peace Academy.

This Week @ Great Peace Academy

Day Four: I am thankful for the church, the bride of Christ, bought with sinless blood, and the people who are members of it are redeemed and forgiven. I am most thankful for our congregation that we work with here. They are family and they are loved.

Day Five: I am thankful for our local library. These ladies bend over backwards to help me teach my children. They purchase books just because I ask for them. They hold things for me because they know I'll want to see them. It's hard to home school with limited resources, but these gals make my job a lot easier. Not to mention that one day they will name a room in the library after because of all the fines I pay!!!

Day Six:  I'm thankful that I live in a country where I have the freedom to vote for my leaders without intimidation or fear. Most people do not. I am also thankful that in our country we can transfer power from party to party and president to president without fear that our country will explode into civil war or fighting in the streets. I took my girls with me today to watch American democracy in action!

Day Seven: I am thankful for my three beautiful, healthy children. They keep me on my toes, they make me laugh, and they make me understand on such a small level the amount of love God has for me as His child. It is a glorious pain to have your heart walking around outside of your body going in three different directions. I am most blessed to be their mother.

Day Eight: I am thankful for Ms. Tanya, the girls’ ballet teacher. She is an amazing teacher with high expectations for her students, but she is also a great motivator and encourager. Best of all, she enforces strict modesty in her studio. Students must be covered up to and from their classes, and she never lets her dancers show their stomachs on stage. Even if the costume is designed to show the girls’ stomachs, she makes them wear a leotard underneath it. We are so blessed to be able to study underneath her and watch her lead by example.

Thankful for much, especially great deals on Christmas presents in the tree house,



  1. Thanks for sharing that deal--I'm gonna have to check it out! I appreciate these positive "thanksgivings" as well. We recently moved and I'm trying to be thankful for the local congregation but it seems everyone is so busy and they are out of the habit of fellowship. We have invited several people over (many of them multiple times) and many have come although some have never found/made time and in nearly a year's time, no one has invited us over! Maybe the Lord is simply using us to remind them of the importance of hospitality (and telling me to practice it without grudging!) but it is discouraging and I find it hard to develop "sincere, unfeigned love for the brethren" when there is no fellowship outside of services.

    And I love that the girls are able to do ballet modestly! We found a delightful studio nearby that our 5yod was able to go to a camp this summer and I so appreciated their standards.

    1. Being involved in ministry is so full of blessings, but hardships as well. Keep inviting and keep inviting. Sometimes it takes quite a while to develop relationships. We've been here for six years and just this past year I feel like we are really making connections and relationships.

      And the only way Preacher Man would have let the girls do dance is if it was modest! We were so blessed to have an amazing studio withing 15 miles.

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