Thoughtful Thursday: The Vow

Valentine's Day is coming up next week, and this weekend the romantic movies are hitting the theaters. One of the most anticipated Valentine weekend movies (judging by posts on facebook of my female friends) is The Vow. I don't know much about the movie except that it is based upon a true story. The premise is that the woman is involved in a car crash that causes her to have amnesia. In fact, she forgets that she is even married; she doesn't even know her husband. Instead of giving up, her husband sets out to make her fall in love with him again. He can't just leave her; he made a vow when they got married. At this point all women swoon (doesn't everyone want a man like that!), and men agree to go see the movie since it is Valentine's Day after all (and they want to make their women happy!). 

Seeing the vow lived out in real life is usually a little more tragic and difficult then a 2-hour Hollywood movie has time to show. And it's usually not wrapped up with a nice, neat "Happily Ever After" at the end. I've seen the vow lived out in real life. My grandfather got alzheimer's  and my grandmother took care of him every day. She fed him, helped him use the bathroom, bathed him, even when he forgot who she was, even when she knew he would never remember who she was. When he threatened her, when he finally had to be put in the hospital because she couldn't care for him any longer, when he eventually passed away, she kept loving him; she kept her vow.

When we're young and looking for love, everyone focuses so much on how attractive a guy or girl might be, how much money they have, or how in shape they are. But the simple fact of the matter is that when choosing someone to marry, you better pick someone that you can count on to keep their vow. Someone who will feel the deep level of commitment that a vow entails. Someone who will stay with you, for richer, for poorer, for better or for worse. And you need to be that kind of person as well.

A vow is serious. Marriage is serious. Love is serious. So this Valentine's Day, celebrate your vow to your spouse, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your children, your family, your parents. A commitment you've made to them because you love them. Because ultimately, isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about? A vow that is so unbreakable you will do everything to keep it.

Happy Valentine's Day from the treehouse,


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