Tasty Tuesday: When It All Goes Wrong

Even the best of chefs and mothers have nights when a meal totally flops. Maybe it doesn't taste good (I made a fish soup once that I wouldn't have fed to a dog!) or maybe it doesn't cook correctly because you missed a step in the recipe or forgot to put in an ingredient.

So what should you do when that happens?

Here is what you need to salvage any recipe:

A phone
A pizza place

Call in your favorite pizza order (Our family had a large half cheese/half pepperoni and a small California Veggie pizza with no black olives).

Then enjoy!

The reason there is no "real" Tasty Tuesday post is because I went grocery shopping last night and just did not feel like cooking when I got home. But I promise that next week I will be sharing the first recipe I ever mastered so come back next Tuesday.

So thankful for a hubby who takes one look at my face and says, "Let's order a pizza," in the treehouse,


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