Mama Monday: Organized Simplicity Challenge Week 3

So last week I gave out an assignment to work on this past week. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. My living room looks and smells fantastic! I'm still working on getting through some piles of books in the dining room, but for the most part it is done as well.

I wasn't able to sand and stain my computer desk, though. It was really humid and rainy here all last week. I'm not complaining, because we needed the rain, but it's not so good for getting tacky wood stain to dry. I switched out my projects and reorganized my pantry this week so I can try tackling that computer desk this week.

Here are some pictures of my progress on last week's challenge.

Everything pulled out of the living room and put into the dining room:

The top of the TV cabinet before cleaning:

And after cleaning:

Another big organizational challenge was the inside of the TV cabinet. It had gotten pretty out of control!

And after:

Last, but not least, my pile of movies that had to be removed from our home because they do not "Acknowledge Him." This was actually harder than I thought since some of these movies were my all time favorites, but definitely not ones that I want my kids to put in and watch!

So on the agenda for next week is to organize and simplify the kitchen and the laundry room, plus sand and stain my computer desk. Use the tips from Week Two's post (linked above) to work on your rooms. Or just look at my pictures from this week and think to yourself, "My house is not even close to as dirty and disorganized as hers was!"

Feeling lighter and smelling fresher in the treehouse,


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