Mama Monday: Organized Simplicity Challenge Week 4

This was another good week for my home (and me!). Getting the two biggest rooms in my home out of the way the first week was an ingenious plan on my part, if I do say so myself. This past week I deep cleaned my kitchen and laundry room. I was able to add some unused serving platters, candles, and baby stuff to my yard sale pile. I pulled everything out of my cabinets and washed out the inside with vinegar, dish soap, and hot water.

Here is a before shot of one of the cabinets:

Not too bad, but the after shot is even better:

Cleaned, sorted, depurged, and restacked.

Well, I think my computer desk project is put on indefinite hold until we take our Spring Break. We use my computer too much for school purposes and setting it up on the floor to use is just not an option with a little Monkey running around. So over Spring Break when I can unplug and not need to plug it back in for a few days, then I will focus on redoing my desk.

Buuuttttt, never let the loss of one project stop you from coming up with another. After I had washed and dried the curtains in my kitchen and dining room, I decided to simplify those as well. I did have two yellow toille panels flanking solid red tie-up shades on the windows.

As I was preparing to hang the curtains back up, I was inspired, pulled out the hot glue gun (yes, I make my curtains with a hot glue gun!), and glued one of the yellow toille panels down the middle of each of the tie-up shades for instant simplification and glamorization that even My Man noticed!

I love the new look! This simplification thing is AWESOME!!!

Finally, I forgot to take and post pictures of my organization of the pantry that I did the week before so here are those pictures:

Upper part of the pantry with the new wire shelf to help organize the pantry instead of having a jumble of boxes, bags of chips, etc.

Lower half of the pantry with new wire baskets in the bottom for storing canned goods freeing up some more shelf space. I have a tiny pantry compared to those of you who have those entire walk-in closet type pantries, but it's waaayyy better than just having to store food in one of your kitchen cabinets which I've had to do every place we've lived before buying this house!

My challenge for next week is to organize and simplify the bathrooms using the garbage, sell, and give away approach outlined during week two's post and my major project is to figure out some better under the sink storage solutions. There are no linen closets in the bathrooms because they are both tiny so towels are stored under the sink along with bathroom cleaning supplies and anything else that needs to go under there! I'll have to walk around Target and Wal-Mart to come up with something great and functional.

Rising to the challenge each week in the treehouse,


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