Summary Saturday: Out of this World!

This week seemed short school wise, but definitely super busy with extra curriculars! From Friday to Sunday we were hopping! Friday we had our homeschool co-op, then Chipette had a sleepover at her dance studio. I went out with a friend that night for a much needed girl's night. Then Saturday, Chipette had a skating party to go to for her best friend, while I stayed home and dealt with two super tired kiddos who refused to do anything other than cry for me to hold them. Sunday brought it's regular busy routine of teaching Sunday School and then running Children's Bible Hour on Sunday night.

Here are some pictures of what we did during the week.

Magpie was jealous of Chipette's future self portrait from last week's post, so this week, she made one. This is Magpie as a clown in the future. All I have to say is that I hope she never works at a kid's birthday party. They would all go home with nightmares!

For our science activity this week, we made a scale model of the solar system using toilet paper to show the distances of each planet from the sun. The wreath in the picture below is the sun. You can see the four inner planets on the right side of the picture, then the four outer planets were considerably farther from the sun.

Unfortunately Pluto was not in our solar system since it is not considered a planet this year. I really feel for Pluto. You want an example of somebody with an idenity crisis, it would be him, "Am I planet or not? Last year I was a planet, this year they tell me I'm not. I don't know who I am!!!" Anyway, it felt really weird teaching Chipette the order of the planets in our solar system with no Pluto included.

We started a new American artist this week: Gilbert Stuart. We learned about his most famous work, his unfinished portrait of George Washington called The Athenaeum. Why is an unfinished picture his most famous work of art, you ask? Well, his portrait is what was used to design Washington's picture on the dollar bill as you can see in the picture below:

Finally, at our homeschool co-op the kids are learning about famous artists throughout history. This week they studied Michelangelo and his painting of the Sistine Chapel. Here is Chipette getting just a taste of what Michelangelo had to do for four years:

I told her she could paint the ceiling in her bathroom if she wanted. She declined very quickly. Apparently it makes your arms start hurting to lay on your back and paint ;)

Resting up in the treehouse,


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  1. I LOVE Magpie's painting - the colors are gorgeous!

    I'm guessing that scale model wasn't done in your living room? lol