Summary Saturday

This week involved getting over the Thanksgiving break. It seems like we really get everything rolling with school and home, then comes a holiday, illness, or just something.

The biggest thing that happened in our family was Chipette turned 8 the day after Thanksgiving this year. She's growing into such a wonderful, beautiful girl. She's smart and very imaginative so that keep me hopping to keep up with her quick mind.

She loves Taylor Swift, so she wanted a guitar for her birthday. Thanks to the grandparents she got it. Here's my future music star practicing.

Now we've just got to find someone to give her lessons. Listening to her play the guitar without knowing how is not something I enjoy doing!

Magpie finished up her number 2 counting board. We work on adding pieces to the board all week, so that by Friday she's got a finished product. We will do a counting board for all the numbers 0-10.

We also put up our Christmas tree this past week. It was Monkey's turn to put on the tree topper. Here he is doing his Christmas task with Hubby's help.

I just realized how funny my man looks in this picture. Here is what he was saying, "Hurry up and take it. He's heavy!" Our tree is 7.5 feet tall so that was a nice arm workout.

This week Magpie has been learning about Abraham using our preschool curriculum, Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven. This is her acting out God telling Abraham that his descendants would be like the stars in the sky, impossible to count. Chipette was the voice of God, and Magpie was Abraham.

Yes, that is a Supergirl costume underneath my bathrobe. When you homeschool, it's always a tossup what your kids will be wearing for school that day!

All in all, a productive and joyous week. Chipette's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas on the way all contribute to making this one of my favorite times of the year.

Loving on my Chipette lots and lots this week (before she stops letting me) in the treehouse,


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  1. Chuckling at both the instrument "playing" and the Superman costume! :) One never knows what MY children will wear either.