Summary Saturday: Pre-Plague Edition

Our family has been hit hard this weekend with severe colds which turned into an ear infection in Magpie. The main reason that my posts are so late, though, is because our computer got a malware virus in it as well which I still haven't had time to work on getting rid of it.

Thanks to the dear hubby for letting me borrow his laptop to update my blog!

Well, before the hacking and stuffy noses entered our home, here is what was happening.

Chipette added another page to her science notebook. We learned how some fish are able to float on top of the ocean using an air bladder. By filling the air bladder with water, they can sink. Then they expel the water to rise to the surface again.

Magpie is working with Cusinaire rods and an ABC Cuisinaire book, while Chipette is working through a free pre-Miquon activity book.

After Christmas we will be starting Miquon math on Fridays just for "fun." It's something that both the girls can do together and will be a nice break from our usual math curriculum.

Chipette loves language and words so grammar and writing are some of her favorite subjects. Here she is finding all the nouns in some sentences on our white board.

While there are quite a few subjects that Chipette likes, art time is sheer pleasure for her. This past week she learned how to mix the three primary colors and make the secondary colors of purple, orange, and green. Then she decided to paint a self-portrait using her new colors.

Of course Monkey and Magpie wanted to paint as well, so I gave them "magic paint" to use outside on the house.

They worked on their art project for about 30 minutes and our bricks were much cleaner as a result :)

Finally, as I was downloading these pictures for the weekly wrap-up, I found proof of what Hubby and Magpie do on Monday nights when I take Chipette to ballet lessons.

They sit in storage bins in the garage, eating organic Cheetos, drinking bottled water, and making silly faces at each other. This is why I love my life!

Hope all of you have had a great week and may the plague pass over your house!

Investing in Kleenex stock in the treehouse,


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