2011-2012 Curriculum: Chipette's 2nd Grade Books and Such

This is a listing of what Chipette is using for second grade this year. I will be trying to do in-depth reviews of each of these programs as the year progresses.

Main Program (includes Bible, history, science, art, vocabulary, poetry, independent reading, and storytime): Heart of Dakota's Bigger Hearts for His Glory

Math Programs (Yes, I do more than one. I feel this is one of those basic things that I want it to be reinforced as much as possible, plus Chipette really likes math. We don't do all of this every day. On average math takes us between 30-45 minutes.):
  • Math in Focus 2A and 2B (This is our main program.)
  • MEP (This is what Chipette calls our "fun math.")
  • Miquon (We haven't officially started this yet, but both girls have been playing around with the C-Rods while Mom works on figuring it out! We will only do this one day a week.)
  • Singapore's Challenging Word Problems Grade 1 (Chipette does this on her own, about two problems every day. We do this book a year behind as a review of last year's concepts and because those problems ARE challenging!)
  • Singapore's Intensive Practice 1B and Singapore's Intensive Practice 2A (Chipette does these on her own as well. We are doing 1B the first half of the second grade year and will do 2A the second half of the year. These are a good way to turn Singapore math into a more spiral program instead of mastery based.)
Language Arts Programs (This includes grammar, composition, handwriting, spelling, and phonics.)
Science (It is included in our main program, but Chipette loves science so we add in a little extra two days a week.): Apologia's Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day with this Lapbook

The Extras:

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