Summary Saturday: December

As my final post of 2011 I wanted to let everyone see what we've been doing the month of December.

One of our final days of school for the month, we learned about germs and the best way to get them off of our hands.

Glitter represented our germs. We tried dry paper towel, cold water, and warm water with soap. Of course the warm water with soap won, but it definitely made an impression. No more arguing about washing their hands!

The next thing on our agenda was the annual Nutcracker production that Chipette's dance studio puts on. This year Magpie got to join in the fun since this was her first year of dance.

This is Chipette after her performance still in her Christmas Angel costume. And since Magpie was in the littlest group of dancers (she was a Baby Snowflake) they got to change out of their costumes before coming out to get recognized.

Of course we had to make our usual batch of Christmas cookies during December. This year Monkey was big enough to join in on the fun.

Every year the youth in our church help make Christmas baskets for the older members of our congregation and then deliver them to their homes. My kids love it and look forward to it every year. Here's Chipette coloring a card for the baskets.

And Magpie helped to fill the baskets.

A week before Christmas we headed home for the holidays. The first stop was at Hubby's parents' house where we spent three days celebrating with them. The kids had to make sure that the ducks and geese got their Christmas dinner too.

Next stop was my parent's house where we were for Christmas Eve. That night Magpie accidentally broke a Christmas ornament, so when Chipette wrote her letter for Santa by his cookies there was only one thing on her mind.

I love her compassion and concern for others. It is so natural for her.

I'll finish up this post with shots of the kids from Christmas Day and their favorite toys that Santa brought.

Magpie with her Paper Jamz microphone.

Chipette with her American Girl doll that she promptly named "Sarah".

And Monkey at his Nana's (great-grandmother) house. This little rocking chair isn't his present, but this is the ONLY picture I got of him where he is facing the camera. He's turning 2 in three months, so being still is not happening right now!

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!

Only two and a half hours until 2012 in the treehouse,


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