Mama Monday/Thoughful Thursday Combo: Tebowing

I'm not a NFL football fan, I'm not even a Tim Tebow fan when it comes to his football skills, but I am a fan of his moral character and his Christianity, and I'm most definitely not a fan of the media and the other NFL football players who think that bashing Tebow because of his blatant displays of his faith both on and off the field is funny or necessary.

What is it about Tim Tebow that gets everybody so riled up?

Why is it that I think having a few more people in this world like him would be a great thing?

What does any of this have to do with Mama Monday?

First, I believe the main issue that most people have with Tim Tebow is they think he is overrated as a quarterback. That's fair enough. I don't think that is an unfair assessment. It's a valid opinion that can be backed up with statistics. There are others who think that he is an amazing quarterback. That is also a valid opinion that can be backed up with opposing statistics. So how does an argument over whether Tim Tebow is a good quarterback turn into mocking him as a Christian?

I think the problem that most people have with Tim Tebow is that he makes people uncomfortable with themselves. He is unabashedly Christian. He doesn't throw out platitudes when he receives an award or is congratulated on a good game. How many times have we heard, "First of all I want to thank God for everything He's given me, blah, blah, blah?" I'm not saying those athletes who say that don't mean it, but considering some of their off field behavior they definitely don't act like it! Tebow on the other hand does live it. He volunteers, he gives, he takes the focus off of himself time and time again. He prays on national TV on the football field. He points out that football is just a game and his focus is on the eternal. He doesn't lash back at his critics or those who mock him. His response to the guy that "tebowed" after sacking him was that he was sure the guy only meant it to be funny, not a big deal. 

And to put it bluntly, it makes me uncomfortable. I'm a Christian, but the mindset and commitment to my faith in all circumstances, even the uncomfortable ones or confrontational ones, is something that I definitely struggle with. Getting rid of my pride and turning my focus to God alone, I'm not too good at that one either. Remembering that this world and everything in it (the bigger house, newer car, etc.) is only chasing after the wind, chalk me up as getting wrapped up in that as well. For me, and for most Christians, I think that we see Tim Tebow as a breath of fresh air in our society. But for those who don't believe in God at all or who claim to be "Christian" but don't really live it, Tebow is a nagging reminder, a pebble in their shoe, of a true believer. And they feel judged without Tebow even saying a word. Judged by their own shortcomings, then they get afraid (what if he's right!), and once they are afraid, they get angry, which leads to all the hate and mocking in the media and by other players of Tebow.

Second, I'd love for there to be more Tim Tebow's in the world. More people who lived loud for Jesus in a quiet way. More people who focused on the eternal than the external. More people who devoted their off time and their down time to the sick and downtrodden. More people who lived for Jesus 24/7 instead of one day a week (if that!) and lived for themselves the rest of the week. For just a minute, imagine a world like that. It would be a revolutionary, wonderful place. This dream will be realized in heaven, but I would love to see just a piece of it here on Earth, wouldn't you?

Third, people like Tim Tebow don't just happen. They are made. They are formed from a young age to have this mindset, this love for Jesus. They are formed by their parents, especially their mothers. If you know anything about Tim Tebow, then you know about his mom and the special relationship they have. She was told to abort him and she chose not to. She stayed home with him and his siblings and homeschooled them. She knew that she had only a short time to make her children into the people she wanted them to be, ones that love the Lord more than anything.

I think that she suceeded. I want to suceed at that goal as well. I want to raise children who demonstrate their love for the Lord in any situation that they find themselves. While the odds of any of my children ever finding themselves in the national spotlight like Tim Tebow are slim, they will find themselves living their lives day in and day out. The world might not be watching but their community will, their co-workers will, their neighbors will, their children will, and most importantly God will.

I hope my children live their faith so loudly that they make others uncomfortable, including their mom. And if they catch flack for it, I pray that they handle it as graciously as Tim Tebow does. But these things are not just chance or good luck, they are determined and purposed by the parents. I hope your purpose is to raise some children who are "tebowers," I know mine is.

Tebowing in the treehouse,


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