Thoughtful Thursday: Forgetful

It's only been four days. Don't you remember?

You forgot didn't you.

Well, ten years ago you hadn't forgotten. Ten years ago people were praying like they had never prayed before. Church buildings were overflowing with people. Everyone was nicer to their families, even to perfect strangers.

But we've forgotten.

Everyone remembered on Sunday. We remembered that awful day. We remembered what those awful terrorists did to our country. But then on Monday, we woke up. We probably mentioned it in passing to some people who we hadn't seen that weekend.

Then it was Tuesday, and it faded from our consciousness. The news outlets quit talking about it after weeks of build up and so did most people. But it will be brought to rememberance next year on 9/11.

And I can't help but wonder, did we also forget the One who sustained us during those awful days after 9/11 a decade ago. Have we remembered Him for the past decade?

Are we as diligent in praying to Him as we were then? Did we keep all of those promises we made after that awful day? Our promises to attend worship services more, to treat others better, to love more. Or did we forget Him and those words we spoke to Him.

It's human nature to forget. God knows that. He asked the Israelites to remember what He had done for them every year on Passover. He asks Christians to remember what He has done for us every Sunday during the Lord's Supper.

We are so very forgetful. But on Sunday, September 11, 2012, this was the status update I saw so often: We will never forget.

But we have, already. We will remember those who died on 9/11 every year.
But very few of us will remember the God who sustains us every day of our lives.

Remembering in the treehouse,


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  1. Powerful, Chellie. My favorite post so far! Have you read Edie's post titled "True Freedom" at "A Life In Grace"? Very similar words and I agreed strongly with her, too. Keep writing!