Tasty Tuesday: My Name is Earl

I love to cook. I reallllyyyy love to cook.  So on Tuesday's on my blog we'll be delving into some of my favorite recipes and cooking tips. 

To kick things off this week, I want to introduce you to Earl.  Earl is a wonderful cook.  He NEVER ruins any dish (user error is not HIS fault).  And I have to admit that I love him...I truly, madly, deeply love him.

When I tell the kids that Earl has made dinner, they shout with joy.  I'm not exaggerating.  They really do. 

When Earl cooks dinner, he gets all the credit for how delicious the meal is, and I gladly let him take it, eventhough I was a critical part to the meal as well.  But that is how much I love him, that I let him steal my cooking thunder.

Now I would like to introduce all of you to Earl because you will probably be seeing quite a bit of him on my Tasty Tuesday blog posts.

Hello, my name is Earl.

Notice his deep blue color.  His round figure.  His smart-looking handles. 

What is Earl exactly and, more importantly, where can YOU find an Earl of your own?  Earl is a cast iron dutch oven (large round cooking pot).  Earl is enamel coated so that his iron skeleton doesn't rust with use. 

Here is a picture of Earl's beautiful, creamy skin (the enamel coating).

Earl can cook ribs that fall apart they are so tender, roast chicken, pot roast, stew, pork chops.  He is a kitchen dynamo!

An Earl of your own can easily be purchased at Wal-Mart, our local grocery store has them, and Paula Deen (pause for a moment of reverential silence), the Southern cooking queen herself has even made her own version of Earl.  They come in different sizes and colors. 

I suggest whispering in Santa's ear right now about how much you would love to have Earl under your Christmas tree. After Santa's shock about wanting a man under your tree, explain to him what Earl is and how much fab food Earl will cook for Santa.  The name "Earl" however is trademarked by me, so you'll have to come up with your own name.

All of us who love to cook have our favorite cooking tool.  Feel free to share yours with me in the comments.  And if you have a name for it, share that too so I don't feel like the only nut in this tree!

Blessings from the nuthouse treehouse,


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  1. Tee, hee, love it!!! I've discovered a close relationship with my crockpot these last couple years, but can see Earl's appeal as well! :)