Summary Saturday: Mamma Mia!

Fun Friday is a little late this week because Friday was super busy. I passed out around 9:30 last night. I couldn't even finish reading books to the girls because I was falling asleep while reading.

We did have a super fun week, though, so take a look.

First up this week we did another science experiment out of our science book Apologia's Zoology I: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. We had to design two gliders using cardboard, straws, and playdoh. One glider had long, narrow wings and the other glider had short, wide wings. Chipette then had to hypothesize which glider would fly better. She made her hypothesis: The long, narrow glider would fly better, and we headed outside to test it out.

We threw each glider ten times to account for the variables of wind, a bad throw, etc.

After each throw we measured the distance that the glider flew.

Chipette soon realized that she chose the wrong glider, so she tried to skew the results so that her glider would "win." This led to a quick talk about scientific method, and how it's a good thing when scientists are wrong about their hypothesis so that they can find the correct answer to their question.

Sure enough, when the final distances were averaged, the short, wide glider had averaged about a foot longer in distance on each flight despite Chipette's best efforts.

We also started diving into the Renaissance this week in history, and Chipette quickly became enamored with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. In fact, I had opened one of our history books and there on the page was a close up picture of the Michelangelo's Pieta.
Here was our conversation:

Chipette: (kind of breathlessly) What's that?

Me: What's what?

Chipette: That statue. It looks so real. Look at the wrinkles in her dress and his foot looks just like a real human foot.

And so away we went into the Renaissance, especially the artwork, which is Chipette's favorite thing anyway. She even got a promise out of me to take her to Florence when she is older (like that was a hard promise to make!).

Chipette also started sewing lessons this week with a wonderful lady from our church. Chipette had asked me to teach her, and I had to quickly explain that you can't teach something that you do not know how to do. Anyway, she will be learning how to sew, knit, and crochet from Ms. B.  Here were the results of her first lesson:

While Chipette was in her homeschool group on Friday, Magpie, Monkey, and I made our way to a local park for some playtime. While at the park, Monkey found a feather.

So we had a quick lesson about hard and soft, which was basically me hitting the tree and saying, "hard", then gently touching the feather and saying, "soft."  Monkey basically laughed the whole time, especially on the "hard" lesson, so I'm thinking he learned a lot. We will be moving on to calculus next week.

As I mentioned Chipette is in a homeschool group and for the next 6 weeks they are studying geneaology. She made a family tree this week.

This class has really sparked an interest in Chipette about where mine and hubby's families came from so long ago. I explained to her that she is English, Irish, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Scottish, and German so we're related to everyone in the British Islands.

We had a great week! Hope all of you did too!

Planning a trip to Florence for 2021 in the treehouse,



  1. Wow what an incredible week. I loved your hard and soft lesson and the art lesson. Way to go mom.

  2. @My name is Tiffany Thanks, Tiffany! I'm always shocked when I post our weekly wrap-up on Fun Friday how much we actually got done. During the week I feel like we're getting nothing accomplished!

  3. We love the Apologia elementary books. Looks like a great week :)