Summary Saturday: Friendship Week

 So sorry.

This past weekend we got about an inch of rain for the first time in a looonnnng time, so the fire ants came out to say hello to Monkey.

Poor little guy, but he was tough, and the fire ant bites are almost gone.

Chipette finally finished Lesson One in her Apologia Zoology 1 book and her first lapbook was completed as well.

Outside of lapbook

Inside of lapbook.

I must say that this has been our first time using lapbooks in our homeschool, and it has been a lot of fun. Chipette has learned so much just by making her lapbook. We are starting our Lesson 2 lapbook this next week, so stay tuned.

On Wednesday our local public library has a special story hour for homeschool kids, and this week they learned all about farms. For the craft, the kids colored a barn, chicken, pig, horse, and cow. Well, I couldn't leave it at that, so when we got home, Magpie and I made a diorama of her farm in a plastic shoebox I had leftover from a failed workbox system experiment.

Magpie has also started taking dance lessons this year from the same dance studio that Chipette does. Magpie is in the 3-4 year old class. Here is a picture of Magpie practicing walking on her tip toes holding her magic fairy wand in class.

She's just a little bit excited to finally be able to do all the things she's been watching big sister do for years.

On Friday our homeschool co-op didn't have classes so we went to visit some great friends of ours who live about an hour and a half away. We went to a local park and hung out all afternoon.

Monkey found great delight in the rocks.

So far none have been found in his diaper, but we will see.

Chipette and her friend, Princess, had great fun getting to see each other again.

Such beautiful girls, inside and out. And that was after playing in the heat for almost three hours! I wish I looked that good after 30 minutes in the heat :)

This was the scene in the car on the way home from our Friday, long-distance play date.

I couldn't fit Monkey in the picture, but he was out too. That's what having a great time with great friends will do to a family!

Hope you all had a great week too!

Blessed in the treehouse with friends, rain, and fire ants,



  1. What a fun trip!! We love doing lapbooks here, too--although I *DISLIKE* putting them together--too much like a puzzle! ;)

  2. The lapbook looks like great fun. The pics of your dd passed out is classic!

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