Tasty Tuesday: The Story of Food

This Tasty Tuesday is going to be a little different. No recipe.

Why? Because our family was invited to eat over at a new church family's home. No time to fix a recipe or post a recipe, but it caused me to start thinking about how food brings people together.

Food makes memories.

Food forms friendships.

Food tells stories.

Of course, being a good Southern girl, we are raised to love you to death with food. When a baby is born, we cook. When someone dies, we cook. If there is a holiday, we cook. If there is a birthday, we cook. When someone moves into the neighborhood, we cook. When we need to raise money for an organization, we cook. When we want to say thank you, we cook. If you get a new car, we cook!

But then I started thinking about the Bible, and I've decided that God must have Southern hospitality tendencies.

When God wants the Israelites to remember their escape from Egypt what does He do? He asks them to eat a special meal every year to remember.

When God wants Christians to remember the death of Jesus on the cross, what does He do? He asks them to eat a special meal every week to remember.

When Esther has to save her people, what does she prepare for the king to hear her plea? A meal.

When Jesus is about to be crucified what is the last thing He does with His apostles? He eats with them.

Food is so powerful. It is such a unifying force among all people of all backgrounds. God understands this aspect of eating; it's not just to keep our bodies alive, but it truly feeds our spirits.

I want to thank all of you who read these Tasty Tuesday posts and try these recipes. Hopefully your friends and family are making memories, forming friendships, telling stories, and uniting your spirits.

It makes me giddy with excitement to think that some of my food might be on your table as you do so.

Back to a normal Tasty Tuesday post next week in the treehouse,



  1. YES! I love this post and it's so true. I agree, I think God intends us to fellowship--to grow in love and unity--over food. And sadly, I see hospitality decreasing more and more.

    1. When we are too busy to be hospitable and accept hospitality, then we are too busy. I agree with you, Shonya.