Mama Monday: Organized Simplicity Challenge Week 5

First things first, I've redone my blog. I hope everyone likes it, because I LOVE it! My last blog design was a little too crafty/Martha Stewart for me. Anyone who knows me in real life would be laughing out loud if they heard someone compare me to Ms. Stewart. This blog reflects more of me...less crafty, more whimsical and fun. Plus, keeping true to my tree theme and I love the colors. Magpie keeps saying that the bird in the tree is her!

Now for this Mama Monday post...

Many moons ago I started working on an Organized Simplicity Challenge. I was going to spend ten straight weeks going through my house organizing and simplifying. I did pretty good for four weeks, then I just lost my mojo, got off track, whatever you want to call it, but the bottom line was that I didn't finish my challenge.

Well, I did go ahead with my yard sale which was to be my crowning achievement at the end of my challenge. The sale made me $300 in cash, and I used part of that cash to purchase the cubby storage system I'd been wanting to put in our dining room/homeschool classroom.

The entire system bins and shelving is courtesy of Target. So my dining room continues to become more classroom looking (notice the class pets: fish and hermit crabs). I totally do not mind, though, because I love having our school stuff out of my large hall closet and more handy.

Which brings me to this week's challenge to become more organized and simplified. My sister, who's staying with us for six weeks this summer, and I tackled the dreaded closet this past weekend. To say that it had gotten out of control would be an understatement...

With both of us working like mad during Monkey's two hour long nap, we turned it into this...

Yes, we are available for hire if you pay enough!

We threw away two garbage bags full of junk and made the closet look better than it's looked in a long time. When my kids opened the door they said, "Wow! This looks awesome!"

Maybe now when someone needs a bandaid or a new bag for the vacuum cleaner it won't take 20 minutes to find it.

Feeling good to be organizing and simplifying again in the treehouse,


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