Scripture Sunday: Father's Day on the Fly

Father's Day always falls on the day before Vacation Bible School begins at our church, so not much gets celebrated around here for the big day. Luckily my Preacher Man is very understanding of being glossed over a bit on Father's Day. I actually have a neat project I'm wanting to make for him, but I definitely will not get to it until next week.

In honor of Father's Day, though, I wanted to put up some of my favorite pictures of Preacher Man in "Daddy Mode".

Chipette's first time in the ocean at the age of 18 months. We were on a family vacation with my parents in Virginia.

The two men in my life! Monkey is Preacher Man's constant shadow.

Magpie with her favorite person in the word, her Daddy.

He takes Chipette fishing.

He lets Chipette and Magpie be more dangerous than Mom will.

He teaches Monkey how to be a helper.

The Bible talks about how finding a good woman is valuable and rare. I think finding a good Christian husband and father is pretty rare as well.

Privileged to live with a great father and husband in the treehouse,


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