Freaky Friday: Puppy Love

Today I'm going to be talking about a group of dogs. They come from a house by my Gran and Papaw's house. We've named them Weenie Dog, White Dog, and White Dog Junior. My dog is Weenie Dog. Magpie's dog is White Dog. Monkey's dog is White Dog Junior. We go out on the Gran and Papaw's front porch and scream their names until they come. They always show up. Sometimes at night when we are sitting outside by the fire pit, Weenie Dog will sit on my lap.

Sometimes Monkey is afraid of White Dog Junior because he tries to lick him. We're not allowed to take the dogs next door to Nana's house because Nana does not like them. They scare her cat. We have two cousins, named C and A who just love them! When we eat lunch at Nana's house on Sunday, we go over to Gran and Papaw's house and play with them. We always have so much fun! The first day we saw them was at Magpie's third birthday party. We were having it at Gran and Papaw's house. Gran doesn't allow them in the house, but they are allowed on the porch.

Loving our furry friends from the Natural State,


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