Summary Saturday: Two Weeks of Fun!

This is going to be quick and short, but lots of pictures. It is 1:00 AM and Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow, so I've got to get in bed.

Last weekend Chipette and Magpie were asked to dance in a Czech dancing group that their ballet instructor coordinates. Although there is no Czech blood on either side of our family, they danced their little hears out.

Chipette was excited because she got to dance with the "big" girl Czech dancers:

During their audience participation time, Chipette spied this little girl wanting to dance with them so she chose her to be her partner:

Finally, Chipette got to lead the little girls in their simple Czech dance with Magpie as part of the group. Just last year Chipette had been part of this group:

When you love to cook, you love to gift people with food, so this past week a good friend of ours was blessed with her third child. That meant it was time to fire up the kitchen and make our friends a meal.

Chipette and Magpie chopping celery to put in the Chicken Spaghetti:

Monkey discovered that Fudge Pie tastes just as good off of the spoon as it does out of the pie shell:

While working through our new grammar program, The Sentence Family, Chipette played a game called "Change the Speaker". Someone has to give her a sentence (usually Magpie), then Chipette has to change the original sentence into all four different types of sentences: interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory. Here is one she did this past week:

Finally we rounded out our week with art. The girls learned the difference between tints and shades, then practiced what they'd learned mixing their own tints and shades. Once they had their paints mixed they painted some still lifes.

Magpie wanted to paint a bag of oranges:

Chipette worked on a blue vase and blue flowers:

Even I got in on the act (I am NOT an artist!) by painting both of the girls chosen inspirations on my paper. Overall I think we did a pretty good job:

Heading to bed late, way too late, but blessed, very much blessed, in the treehouse,


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