Thursday's Thoughts: Mulan in the House


FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE! Where we live it’s a little cooler than it normally is in the summer, but still warm enough for shorts and T-shirts. None of that stops me from cooking fall foods though. I’ve been making soups, hearty meat and vegetable dishes, and pumpkin flavored things for the past week like crazy. Here are our favorites from each category: Cheesy Chicken Chowder, Roast Chicken with Veggies, and Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins.


My lack of non-fiction reading is over! I’m currently in the middle of an amazing book about the women who worked in Oak Ridge, Tennessee at a secret government factory enriching uranium for the atomic bomb. It’s so interesting to read about these women who were called upon to do something for the war (they were not told what) because almost all of the men were fighting. It’s called The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win WWII. Definitely worth your time if you are interested in that era at all.


To the dog breathing deeply on the floor beside me and Chipette’s low voice coming from her room where she is making an American Girl movie with her dolls using my phone.


About how well our homeschool is going right now. I’ve been adjusting and tweaking the past few weeks with scheduling and this week has been perfect.


We are leaving town this weekend for Corpus Christi, so I’m planning laundry that needs to be washed and what needs to be packed. Yippee for a mini-family vacation!


Feel free to follow me on Pinterest using the button in the sidebar. I wanted to share some of my favorite finds this past week:

Homeschool: I am determined to be more consistent with nature study this year. When we do it the kids enjoy it so much! I quickly pinned this link to free nature study printables to get us started.

Home: I pinned this super cute, super affordable, and super functional idea for storing books. I can’t wait to buy a dish-drying rack.

Cooking: Chipette and I adore Panera Bread’s tomato soup, so I’ve been trying to find a good homemade tomato soup. The few recipes I’ve tried have been total fails. My good friend, Beauty Queen, sent me this pin for a spicy tomato soup. Beauty Queen loves to cook too, so I know she won’t steer me wrong. I can’t wait to try it!


Our new homeschool group. The homeschool group we’ve participated in the past two years is taking a break this year because of busyness in all the mom’s lives, but a new group started up in our hometown. It has been such a blessing to know that there are quite a few homeschoolers here in our neck of the woods instead of driving 30 miles to our other group.


A couple of weeks ago we finally got Magpie signed up for taekwondo. She made the decision at the end of ballet last year that she wanted to do something different this year. She wanted to go from ballerina to being Mulan, a fighting girl! It fits her personality perfectly. Here she is at her first class:

Looking forward to a new week of productivity, loving, learning, laughing and cooking in the tree house,



  1. LOVE the book storage idea. I'm curious to see if it would work to use a dish-drying rack or if the books would fall through the cracks. Hurry and get this one done and post the results so I can copy you!!! :)

    I already have a spot for it in my living room and want to designate it for library books only so they don't get scattered all over the house.

    1. I thought about the cracks and I was going to cover a piece of sturdy cardboard with some funky fabric and place that over the bottom so that it would be a solid surface. It will probably be a few weeks before I do it though.