Wordless Wednesday: Zoo Crew

We visited the zoo this past Friday with some new and old homeschool friends. We had a blast!

Monkey is fascinated with alligators, but this albino one at the zoo had him a little frightened. This is as close as he would get to let me take a picture.

The girls and some of our best friends!

Monkey made new friends with some sweet boys. I’m glad he’s not so outnumbered with all the girls anymore!

Monkey and Miss Elizabeth Bennett

Chipette and Miss Jane Bennett: Best Friends

The zoo crew being silly after eating lunch.

The new African exhibit was open on this trip and some of the group got in touch with their tribal roots!

Chipette made a love connection with this chimpanzee. She sat down next to the glass and the chimp began to kiss at her through the glass. Chipette kissed back and for the next five minutes they swapped kisses back and forth. Quite a crowd gathered around them because it was so funny!

The nature center at the zoo had this alligator head on display. Monkey wasn’t afraid to touch it!

Before heading home I let the kids have a quick visit to the splash pad at the zoo. It was hot that day, and they had earned it!

Loving our new zoo crew in the tree house,



  1. We just went to the zoo last week too (in Columbus)! Always makes for a great and memorable field trip!

    1. My kids love it! I'm thinking we need to get a zoo membership soon.

  2. That albino alligator really does look creepy. I don't blame your little guy for avoiding it. Did it have red eyes? That might have pushed me over the edge.

    1. It didn't have red eyes. He didn't believe that it was an alligator at first. Then he didn't believe it was real. Until he saw it blink, then he flipped out!