Summary Saturday: The Week of the Swan

This week all activites were put on hold for the big dance recital this Friday night. The dance studio put on the ballet, Swan Lake. We took the week off from school because life is crazy during recital week. Chipette and Magpie had rehearsals on Monday night and then Chipette had more rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday nights. All of the hard work paid off on Friday night though when the girls performed their dances.

I was backstage helping the dancers and my sister tried to record the girls' dances for me. However, we had some technical difficulties and Magpie's dance didn't get recorded, but Chipette's did. Here is her Hungarian Dance from Swan Lake:


She worked so hard and did an amazing job...especially since she's only eight!

Here are pictures of Magpie and Chipette at the end of the night when they came out to receive their flowers and gifts for being Mom, Dad, Gran, Papaw, and Aunt Fluffy's beautiful ballerinas:

And as if all of that wasn't enough, I also had a garage sale this weekend on Friday and Saturday morning since my parents were in town to watch the Tree Dwellers while I made some money for our Disney World trip in September. The garage sale was well worth it, though. I made $300!!!

I hope all of you had footloose and money making weeks as well!

Ready to go back to "homeschool" mom instead of "dance" mom (It's exhausting!) next week in the treehouse,


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