Freaky Friday: Spot On Spot Off

Today we celebrate the life and mourn the death of the sucker fish, Big Fat Spot. Three years ago he came into the family. He sucked the algae off the tank so our goldfish would not die, but they died anyway. He lived the longest of any fish we ever had. He was Monkey's fish and the largest sucker fish I have ever seen. Momma was creeped out about him. We watched him decompose and his eyes actually came out of their sockets. He is buried in the side yard, and I brought him flowers. We will hope that we see him again one day.

Wearing sackcloth and ashes in the treehouse,


P.S. I just wanted to say that this creature freaked me out. I would have nightmares that it grew legs, crawled out of our fishtank and attacked me. Chipette thought it was soooo funny, but that sucker fish was HUGE! In all honesty, I'm not too sad that it is gone. Chelli

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