Summary Saturday: Super Moon, Super Week

We had a great week this week with lots of family fun and lots of new learning during school time.

First up, Magpie and I played a math game this week using her FREE math program MEP Reception. We had to make five using dot cards and then subtract five using the dot cards until we got to zero. I won both times which is why her face looks like this in the picture:

She was not happy that Mommy won! I tried to explain that it was just luck depending upon how the cards are stacked up, but I don't think she believed me.

Chipette started learning cursive this week using New American Cursive workbooks from Memoria Press. I have major style issues with a few capital cursive letters (Q, Z, F, and G immediately come to mind), so finding a cursive program that doesn't retain some form of the traditional cursive script of these letters is pretty difficult. The closest I could find was the New American Cursive program which fixes the issues I have with Q, Z, and F. It does keep the creepy G, but I'm just going to teach Chipette the way I make it, which is kind of like a connected manuscript G. Here she is working on her first lesson, uppercase A and lowercase A:

Magpie learned about the Israelites leaving Egypt this week in Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven. For her number eight page, we had to find eight pieces of jewelry to show how the Egyptians gave the Israelites their valuables before they left which fulfilled God's promise that they would plunder the Egyptians. Here she is cutting out the jewelry:

And here is the finished product:

And being the women that we are, we each picked our favorite one. I loved the gold chandelier earrings, and she liked a colorful beaded necklace. Sometimes it's so fun to teach girls!!!

We had the last meeting of our homeschool group this Friday. We have truly been blessed and honored to be a part of our Friday School group. It is such a fabulous group of mothers, fathers, and children who are all on this homeschooling journey together. When I asked Chipette if she wanted to stay with the group for next school year, her answer was a resounding, "YES!!!" I couldn't agree more. Here is a picture of most of our group from when we visited the strawberry farm:

Since My Man didn't have to work on Saturday we went up to the park for some family time.


Chipette (with Magpie sneaking in the background)

Monkey throwing a frisbee

Monkey throwing a football
(notice he has the exact same follow through!)

And while this is not even close to the best photo I've seen of the super moon we had Saturday night, I wanted to share the picture that I took of the moon over the roof of our house. In case you didn't know, last night the moon was bigger (14%) and brighter (30%) than any other moon will be this year. Because of the moon's elliptical orbit, it was 50,000 kilometers closer to earth.

In case you didn't get to enjoy the Super Moon last night go back out tonight. I'm sure it will be equally splendid!

Waving to the Man in the Moon last night in the treehouse,


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