Summary Saturday: Going Home

This Summary Saturday post is going to be a little different. We went to my parents' house this week in Arkansas. While we have our own home 12 hours away, there are some things that will always make Arkansas my "home".

Home is….The people
 Monkey, Chipette, and Magpie heading out.

Magpie and Nana (her great-grandmother, my grandma).
There are 77 years between their ages, and Nana's house is the first place we have to visit when my kids get to my parents. They love their Nana.

Chipette and Cousin A

 Daddy, Magpie, and Monkey on our hike.

Home is…The trees

We've lived in two states other than Arkansas since we were married, but the trees in the Ozarks are the best, especially in the fall. 

Home isThe food
A skillet apple pie cooking in my Mom's oven

Sunday dinner at my Grandma's house
My entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins) used to get together every Sunday at her house to eat lunch together after church. While only a few still show up now that we are all grown, it is still part of every visit home.

Home is…The mountains

 The beautiful Ozark Mountains where I grew up.
My sister walking around a rock ledge on the hike we took.

Home is…A small town

 I never want to live in a big town.
I like small towns...but close to big ones!

Home is…The flowers

 My Mom has a green thumb and a half!
These are just some of the flowers that were blooming in her yard.

Home is…My roots

 I discovered this old church on our trip home.
The best part is that it's named after my great-great-great grandfather's wife, who was the first person buried in the adjoining cemetery. My family has been in this part of the Ozarks for generations on both sides.

Home is…Heaven.
The real reason for our trip home is that my Preacher Man was doing a series of lessons at my parent's church.
As a preacher, his job is to tell people how to get to their true home...heaven. I couldn't be more proud of him.

Hoping all of you are blessed with good memories from your home like I am in the treehouse,


Moments to remember

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