Summary Saturday: The Art Edition

I'm sorry Summary Saturday is late this week. Chipette had an art project that she just HAD to get in the blog post this week. Well, we had to let it dry to do the outlining, so that meant it didn't get finished until today.

Well, our week started out with art as well, much to Chipette's delight. We'd learned about Benjamin West in our American history program, Bigger Hearts for His Glory. He was taught how to mix his own paints by the Native Americans who lived in Pennsylvania colony. So we practiced painting with different types of fruit juices (apple, grape, orange, and lemon). Here is Chipette painting her flower picture with juice:

Next I wanted to get a shot of the girls doing one of the activities that goes along with the Salsa Spanish program we use. Here we are working on colors and counting in Spanish:

Once a week, the girls and I get down a set of Cuisinaire rods and their Miquon books. Chipette is working through Miquon Orange at a really accelerated pace until we get to her grade level. Magpie is doing a Cuisinaire alphabet book to work on letter formation and also some beginning math skills. This is a picture of Chipette actually being able to "see" the different ways to make five thanks to the colored C-rods. She already knows these math facts from memory, but this was a visual way to represent them that she had never seen before. I just happened to snap right when the light bulb went off in her head:

If you have more than one child, then you know that what one of them gets the other automatically wants. Well, when Chipette got Hermie a couple of weeks ago, that became all Magpie could talk about. About a week ago, we went back and got Magpie her very own hermit crab as well, whom she named Sebastian (like from the Little Mermaid). However, Magpie is deathly afraid of Sebastian and will not hold him. Sebastian is equally afraid of Magpie and hides in his shell if she so much as breathes on him. Monkey, however, is not deterred by anything. Here he is holding up Sebastian for the camera:

On Friday's we add a picture to our American history timeline that we have on a dining room wall (I gave up this year of trying to keep my dining room looking like a dining room. We homeschool. If people come over to eat, then maybe they will learn some geography or history from the world map, U.S. map, and timeline that we have on the walls.) This is a picture of the timeline and the people we have learned about so far this year in history:

Along with our American history study, I added in a study of American artists and folk songs. We study an American artist and some of their works one week and the next week we learn an American folk song. This past week we learned about the American artist, John Singleton Copley. Copley was a portrait artist, so I found a neat assignment online where you have kids paint their portrait of what they will look like in the future. This is Chipette's future self-portrait which is why this post is so late:

In case you can't tell, Chipette want to be a ballerina when she grows up and this is her in her dance studio at the barre in front of the mirrors. My beautiful ballerina!

We had a fun week that started and ended with art so everybody was happy!

Typing with paint-stained fingers in the treehouse,


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  1. Art is a great way to end and start the week! I love the future self portrait--it turned out beautifully.