Freaky Friday: Magpie's Turn

Last week I introduced a new segment for my blog called Freaky Friday. This week it is Magpie's turn to take over my blog.

Hello. I am Magpie. I want to talk about my dog, Zadie. She is a boxer. Zadie is allergic to peanut butter and chocolate.

Here is Zadie talking: Hello, I am Zadie. There is a nice girl who gets dog food and water for me. Her name is Chipette. She feeds me every time when I get out of water or dog food. She comes out to play with me when it's good weather. Because her mother, who writes this blog, tells her to go outside because it is good weather.

Now Hailey Hulu (Crib Life doll she got for Christmas) is going to talk: Hello, I am Hailey Hulu. I can do flips everytime. Goodbye.

Not a lot of original thinking going on in the treehouse,


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