Freaky Friday: Chipette's Turn

Starting this year, I am doing a Freaky Friday post every week. If you remember the movie Freaky Friday, then you know that in the movie the mother and the daughter switched places. So in my Freaky Friday posts, I am giving Chipette and Magpie turns posting on my blog. I will type and they will tell me what they want to post. For our first Freaky Friday post, it is Chipette's turn.

I'm going to talk about the crazy squirrel that climbs up our bird feeders. I named him "Chunk." He is as fat as my brother! Chunk comes across the top of the fence in our backyard. He waits until our dog goes to sleep or comes inside, then he climbs down the tree onto the ground. He creeps over to the bird feeders. We have our bird feeders hanging from a metal pole. We did that so Chunk could not get up there and eat our bird food. BUT, Chunk somehow figured out how to get up there. He jumps to the pole, then pushes off at an angle and grabs the bird feeder. He pulls himself up and starts eating.

Now Chunk is talking in a squeaky voice:

"Hello, I am Chunk. The dumb people tried to keep me from the bird food. They failed! They failed, I tell you!!!! I am very afraid of that four-legged animal who barks at me and tries to catch me. But there is a nice girl who will get food out of the bird feeder and throws it on the ground for me. Her name is Chipette. But Magpie is very mean and wants to kill me."


Finally understanding why we can't get rid of the squirrel in the backyard of the treehouse,


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