Who We Are and What We’re Doing for 2015

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Sometimes when I write a blog post, I know better than to put my thoughts and plans for all to read because inevitably I have to eat crow; this is a mini-crow eating post. In August last year I shared our curriculum plans for 2015. Big mistake, and I knew better when I wrote it. By the time January rolled around {we school by the calendar year}, I knew my curriculum plans that I wrote about with such certainty were headed for the garbage bin. This post is my attempt to correct my over eagerness last summer and set the record straight.

Who and What in 2015

My favorite part of a new school year is seeing the growth in my kids from where they were the previous year. This year, especially the fall of 2014, brought a lot of academic leaps in the kids. Now I want to introduce you to the students in our homeschool {even that changed!} and our CORRECT curriculum list for 2015.

Olive Street School Students 2015

Grace is in 5th grade this year. She loves anything to do with language arts and mythology while math is her Achilles heel. She wants to be a preschool teacher when she grows up and fill in as a ballerina at her local ballet company when needed. She loves all things performance related dance, acting, etc. and all things art related, painting, drawing, crafting, etc. In her spare time she loves making doll houses and doll house furniture for her Ever After High dolls and her American Girl dolls. Grace is in her seventh year studying ballet.

Individual Curriculum

Math in Focus 4A and 4B (T-F)

 Reflex Math for fact practice (M-F)

Life of Fred Fractions and Mathematical Reasoning Level F (M)

K12 5th Grade Literature (M,W,F)

Narnia Book Club (every other T)

Town Level of Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts (T, Th)

Treasured Conversations and Writing and Rhetoric Narrative II (M, W, F)

Apples and Pears Spelling Book C and D (T-F)

Getting Started with Spanish (T, Th)

Reading from her required book list (M-F)

Sophia is in 2nd grade this year. She loves math and logic and I’ve yet to find anything this smart cookie isn’t pretty good at except calendar and time; she struggles with those. She wants to be a mommy when she grows up with a BIG family. The number of kids she’s told me that she wants to have one day ranges from 6-18. Needless to say her take charge attitude will come in handy with a brood that size! She loves to read, ride her scooter and bike, climb dangerously high in trees, and take care of her baby dolls. She’ll be participating in softball and piano lessons this spring.

Individual Curriculum

Math in Focus 2A and 2B (T-F)

Reflex Math for fact practice (M-F)

MEP Year 2 (T-F)

Life of Fred Cats and Dogs and Miquon Red and Blue(M)

Foundations D (M, W, F)

New American Cursive I (T-F)

The Complete Book of Spanish (T, Th)

Levi is in pre-preschool this year. I wasn’t planning on starting him in any kind of academics yet because I don’t think he’s ready, but he’s been begging and begging to do school with us and like the sisters do so I’m going to do some beginning alphabet and number skills with him a few days a week. He’s not ready for the preschool curriculum I have on hand, hence the name of his grade. Levi wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. Mommy is proud, but scared of this career choice! He loves all things with ball in the name, all things with motors, all types of weaponry, and all superheroes {Batman and Spiderman are his favorites!}. Levi will be playing soccer in the fall.

Individual Curriculum

Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1

Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum

My Pinterest Board of Fun Letter Printables

Together we will be studying:

Morning Meeting: Here were our 2014 plans. 2015 plans will be posted over the year.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages with Grace using the Advanced sheets, Sophia the Intermediate sheets, and Levi the Beginner sheets.

Lit for Lunch using my 2nd Grade Read Aloud List for Sophia and my 4th Grade Read Aloud List for Grace.

Table Time {If you don’t know what this is check out this post.}

This is our lineup for 2015! It feels so good to be at a place where I have all of the girls core subjects worked out. We won’t be changing any of those anytime soon. I’ve floated around a lot when it comes to history, but I’m holding out hope that Beautiful Feet will be the right place for us. We really enjoyed their geography study we did a few years ago.

Crow never tasted so good in the tree house,


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