Pack Your Bags. It’s Convention Time!

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I’m gearing up to head to a homeschool convention next week. I’ve not been to one in about three years so I’m ready to dive in and sit at the feet of some of my favorite homeschool gurus. The convention season is upon us so get ready!

Pack Your Bags Homeschool Conventions

I love going to homeschool conventions for two reasons.

It’s my time to get energized about homeschooling. No matter how much you love the homeschool life, it wears on you. Homeschool conventions are the perfect time to reignite the spark that first buzzed around in your head when you started. A convention is the homeschoolers version of teacher workshops, but lots more fun. Not to mention you can bring your family if you wish, or just your spouse, or, like I’m doing, make it a true time to relax and go alone!

It’s my time to get my hands on curriculum in real life. No matter how many samples they give you on the internet, nothing quite compares to holding curriculum in your own two hands. Almost all homeschool conventions have the option of only visiting the curriculum vendors. If you can’t stay for an entire convention {or don’t wish to do so}, it’s worth the trip just to peruse the curriculum vendor hall.

However, I know that for many homeschoolers going to a homeschool convention is out of the question for a lot of reasons; time, travel, and money being the top three. If you are unable to attend a homeschool convention this year, or even if you can attend, I would personally like to invite all of you to the iHomeschool Studio Webinar. For only $25 you can listen to 24 sessions from a variety of speakers. Your purchase also allows you to download MP3’s of all the sessions as well, so if you have to miss one or if you want to listen to the entire webinar at your leisure, you can. I am most excited about the focus of this webinar which is Preparing for the Finish Line: Homeschooling Middle School and High School. With Grace heading into sixth grade next year, I am becoming increasingly nervous about handling those middle grades and on into high school. This webinar couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me. If you are interested in attending or downloading these sessions, just click here to view more details and sign up.

iHomeschool Studio

If any of my Planted Trees’ readers see me at the Great Homeschool Convention in Ft. Worth, please stop me and say hello. I LOVE to meet readers in real life.

Packing for my trip north in the tree house,


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