Wordless Wednesday: And the Oscar Goes To...

This past week our homeschool group put on a play about a pirate named Peanut who wanted to be taken seriously for something other than her small size. This was Chipette’s first acting role. I wanted to share a clip from the play. Chipette is the game show host for The Wheel of Misfortune.

I was so proud of her and the kids. They did a wonderful job and learned about all of the work it takes to put on a theatrical production.
Not to be outdone, Magpie’s Kindergarten/preschool group did a little rhyme during intermission. Unfortunately the video I took during the actual play was blurry, but the girls performed it again when our group met the next week.

Aren’t they super cute?!?

Privileged to know these wonderful families and children who make our homeschool experience that much better in the tree house,



  1. How sweet!! How proud you must have been!! Great job!

    1. I was super proud! They both worked hard to learn their parts. :)